Routes and Schedules
Welcome to LTC's route and schedule resources. If you have any trouble finding what you need, please call our Customer Service Line at 519-451-1347. A customer service representative will be happy to help.

 Bus Schedules

Use the links below to view, save or print LTC bus schedules. All London Transit online schedules are now available in PDF format. To view the PDF files you must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, which you can download for free by clicking on the link to the right. If you have Adobe Reader and are still having trouble opening schedules, please see web site help.

1 Kipps Lane - Pond
Mills Rd/ King Edward
PDF 17 Argyle Mall -
Bryron/ Riverbend
PDF 34 Alumni Hall -
Masonville Mall
2 Nat Sci - Trafalgar
Heights/ Bonaventure
PDF 19 Downtown - Hyde
Park Power Centre
PDF 35 Argyle Mall -
Trafalgar Heights
3 Downtown - Fairmont/
Argyle Mall
PDF 20 Fanshawe College -
PDF 36 Fanshawe College -
London Airport
4 Fanshawe College -
White Oaks Mall
PDF 21 Downtown -
Huron Heights
PDF 37 Argyle Mall -
Neptune Crescent
5 Byron -
PDF 23 Downtown -
Westmount Mall
PDF 38 Masonville Mall -
Stoney Creek
6 Natural Science -
Parkwood Institute
PDF 24 Talbot Village -
Victoria Hospital
PDF 39 Masonville Mall - Hyde
Park Power Centre
7 Downtown -
Argyle Mall
PDF 25 Fanshawe College -
Masonville Place
PDF 40 Masonville Place -
9 Downtown -
PDF 26 Downtown -
White Oaks Mall
PDF 51-
Community Bus PDF
10 Natural Science -
White Oaks Mall
PDF 27 Fanshawe College -
Kipps Lane
PDF 90 Express Masonville -
White Oaks
11 Downtown -
Westmount Mall
PDF 28 Westmount Mall -Lambeth PDF 91 Express Fanshawe -
Oxford & Wonder.
12 Downtown - Wharn.
& Wonderland
PDF 29 Natural Science -Capulet PDF 92 Express Masonville -
Victoria Hospital
13 White Oaks Mall -
Masonville Place
PDF 30 White Oaks Mall -
Cheese Factory Rd
PDF 102 Downtown -
Natural Science
14 White Oaks Mall -
Barker & Huron
PDF 31 Hyde Park Power -
Centre/ Alumni Hall
PDF 104 Ridout & Grand -
Fanshawe College
15 Downtown -
Westmount Mall
PDF 32 Alumni Hall -
Huron & Highbury
PDF 106 Downtown -
Natural Science
16 Masonville Mall -
Pond M./ Summerside
PDF 33 Alumni Hall -

 Holiday Schedule

The following is a list of dates on which buses are expected to run on a holiday schedule. Please note that this list is tentative and is subject to change at any time.

* See individual schedules above for route-specific scheduling changes.

Holiday Date   Holiday Date
New Year's Day January 1st   August Civic Holiday First Monday in August
Family Day Third Monday in February   Labour Day First Monday in September
Good Friday Friday before Easter   Thanksgiving Second Monday in October
Victoria Day Monday before/on May 24th   Christmas Day December 25th
Canada Day July 1st   Boxing Day December 26th

  Google Transit
If you are unfamiliar with the LTC routes serving the origin or destination of your trip, you can now use Google Maps to plan the trip for you.

To use Google Maps:

- Enter a point of origin and a destination in the A and B fields in the gadget on the right

- Optionally, you may enter a time that you wish to arrive or depart, as well as other options like fewest transfers and shortest walking distance.

- Click the Get Directions button and you will be redirected to Google Maps and your optimal route will be presented to you


Things to know:


- Annotations on the map will indicate starting location, destination, and any transfer locations between bus routes

- The timeline on the left will let you know when buses will arrive, depart or transfer, as well as other useful information like Stop IDs

 London Transit Ride Guide
LTC's Ride Guide is a map of the City of London that includes bus routes and provides a lot of good information about using our services. You can pick one up at either of London Transit's customer service locations, or view the online version (map only) by clicking here.
London Transit Ride Guide online is an Adobe PDF document. Use the link near the top of this page to download and install Adobe Reader if it is not already installed on your computer.

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