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Information on all current and upcoming detours, stop closures and service changes can always be found on the Detours page.
 Routes 2 and 102 Detour
Effective:      Immediately for approximately 1 day

Due to a sink hole in the northbound lanes on Wharncliffe north of Oxford Routes 2 and 102 will be detoured until further notice

For more information on this and other detours, please see the Detours page.
 February Schedule Changes
There are schedule changes for Route 4 and 104 that will take effect on February 5th, 2017. Please see the Upcoming Schedules page for a detailed description of the changes and for the upcoming Route 4 and 104 schedules.
 Children Ride Free on LTC
Beginning January 1, 2017 children 12 and under will ride for free on LTC.

Starting January 1, children 12 and under can ride the bus for free.

As per current practice, the bus Operator will use their discretion to determine those riders 12 and under. Later in 2017, smart cards will be issued to all children wishing to ride LTC, please watch for future communications.

Please note that refunds for child tickets will not be provided. As such, purchasers of child’s tickets are encouraged to buy just enough tickets to cover the number of trips intended for December only.

 Final 2017 Service Plan Changes

At the January 25, 2017 Commission meeting, the Commission approved the 2017 Service Plan. For more information on the proposed changes, see the 2017 Service Plan page.

If you have any questions regarding the 2017 Service Plan please email or contact a Customer Service Representative at 519-451-1347.